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Care Guide

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Fountain Pen Storage and Cleaning Recommendations

Cleaning the Nib / Point

We recommend cleaning your fountain pen between each ink refill.

1. Place the nib and gripping section in a cup of cool water.
2. Let the nib and gripping section soak overnight.
3. Our inks are water- soluble and will dissolve with water.
4. Remove the section block from water and rinse it with a slow stream of cool water.
5. Gently blow into the nib assembly to remove any excess water.
6. You may now place a new ink cartridge or an ink converter into the section block.


Fountain Pen cleaning is advised when pen has not been used for some time or when changing ink colors.

- To clean nib section, unscrew from barrel, remove cartridge or converter and hold nib under lukewarm running water. (If you take a syringe bulb and gently push warm water and air through the writing unit it seems to clean the feeds and inserts.)
- Shake carefully and dry with soft, clean cloth. Hold nib slit against cloth for 3 seconds to draw out excess water.


- To clean converter, remove from nib section and hold under lukewarm running water while propelling and repelling plunger. Shake carefully to remove water. Affix nib section to converter and fill with ink. If water remains in converter or nib, the first few lines written may appear light.

Proper Storage of Fountain Pen for Optimal Performance

- The nib should be stored point up when not in use. This will cause the ink will drain down into the converter or cartridge, which avoids drying or clogging of the nib.

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